Twitter Is Testing a Permanent Page For Livestreams

This will make Twitter even more awesome



Twitter has always been the network of choice to follow live events that are happening all over the world thanks to the unique nature in which the network is built.

Live broadcasts usually draw a lot of attention and since this is Twitter’s forte, you would assume that it is in their plans to incorporate that in their platform. Well it is and it was confirmed by Twitter’s CFO, Anthony Noto from a tweet.

Well one Carter Mansback asked Anthony of the test thanks to a pop up he saw on his feed where the app urged him to tap on a Live Feed to see the PGA Tour which is one of the popular golfing tournaments.

Anthony responded to the query by giving more information about the test where he revealed that Twitter has a plan for a “permanent location for events that are live” complete with a hashflag 

This is great since it has always been my wish for Twitter to have a specific page where you could view live broadcasts of events from all over the world. Sure enough, the company has been showing signs of an eventuality like this thanks to their numerous deals they have made with the NBA, NFL and Wimbledon. In the case of Wimbledon, they were able to show the tournament with a dedicated feed provided by ESPN on the left and a stream of tweets that was arranged to the right. If the permanent livestream page is finally launched, Twitter will be the go-to place to follow the live events in the world and will give serious competition to traditional media and new age media like Facebook Live.

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