WhatsApp Gave Two Ways for You To Opt Out From Sharing Your Account Info

You can now breathe a sigh of relief


We tend to breeze past the terms and conditions of any application we install but there are hidden gems inside those lengthy publications. One of these “gems” can be found on WhatsApp’s Terms and Conditions and it involves yesterday’s decision by the company to share its data with its parent company, Facebook in order to serve ads.

If you check WhatsApp’s FAQ’s, you can actually choose not to share your account with Facebook for the purpose of serving you ads. There are two ways of doing this:The first option is in the screen you are shown when you tap “Agree” to accept WhatsApp’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Before you agree to WhatsApp terms, go and tap “Read More about the key updates to our Terms and Privacy Policy” which brings up the following message:


If you uncheck that option of sharing your Whatsapp data with Facebook, your chats and phone number will not be shared with Facebook as per the company.

The second option of preventing WhatsApp from sharing your data with Facebook involves going to your settings.

share my account info with facebook

When you go to Settings > Account > Share my account info, you will be able to uncheck that option of sharing your account information. Interesting enough, when you uncheck that option, WhatsApp bombards you with this notice:


The notice advises you in the event you uncheck the option, you will not be able to change this in the future which is frankly something you can live with. WhatsApp also explains that in the event you agreed to their updated terms and condition, you have 30 days to uncheck the “share my account info.”