Trump Tried To Woo Millenials Using A Photo of His Children And It Didn’t Go As Expected

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Daniel Hiddleswift

The US elections are quite interesting this time round since social media has become a battleground of the candidates to garner votes from the populous. The two main candidates: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have used Twitter to garner votes before the election which is slated for November this year. Their use of Twitter has been interesting in that it has led to them exchanging verbal “blows” to the amusement of people and Trump especially is known for his controversial tweets.

This time round, Trump Jr decided to tweet this photo in a bid to woo the millenial vote which featured his other siblings complete with two hashtags #MillenialsforTrump and #StudentsforTrump. Millennials are indeed an important voting subset of the American vote but the idea to use a platform used by millennials in the pursuit for votes for his father didn’t go as planned.

This photo led people to Photoshop the photo of Trump kids in all kinds of scenario and the result was classic Twitter. Hilarious!

One photoshopped the Mr Robot logo (A TV show about hacking) on the Trump kids

Someone likened them to The Vampire Diaries TV show

This is spooky

How accurate is this?

This is even more spooky

Really guys? 

More comparisons were made to 90s TV shows

Accurate! (You should see the thread too)

The photo was made to look like a poster of a movie.

The spooky deathly stare of the Trump kids was still an object of ridicule from people

Donald Trump will have to come up with a better plan to woo the millenial vote as this clearly blew up on his face.

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