People Trolled The New Apple Airpods on Twitter


We all come to expect new hardware from Apple on September each year and this year was no different at all. They announced the new generation iPhone (iPhone 7 and 7 plus), the next generation Apple watch (now called series 2) and a surprise product: The Apple Airpods.

The new iPhones do not have the classic 3.5mm jack and that is why they decided to encourage people to either use the lightning earpods included in the box or try their insanely priced ($159) Airpods.

apple airpods

This was a bold move by Apple to come up with these wireless earbuds and people on Twitter following the events of the keynote immediately started making fun of these weird earbuds.

So Apple killed the headphone jack and someone decided to liken this with a pop culture reference (Titanic film)

A guy decided he will never buy those Airpods at the ridiculous price Apple slapped on them

What if you lose the Airpods because THEY ARE WIRELESS

Some people were so sure they would lose them

I see what you did there wise guy

If you lose the Airpods in church, you will have to make an announcement


If you buy those $159 Airpods, this summarizes your day to day life

Since Apple essentially killed the headphone jack connector from their iPhone, it was only befitting to honour it with this.

“Only 90’s kids will remember this”  meme phrase had to make an appearance

Apple ventured rather dramatically into the wireless earphones arena and although it is not a popular product from the comments, you will be surprised how well they sell.

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