iPhone 7 Plus Has 3GB RAM, Pre-release GeekBench Listing Confirms


When Apple announced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, as usual, it left us with a few marketing-centred vague terms that were devoid of any specifics. The new iPhones are faster and the like. Besides getting to know of the new iPhone’s faster and better graphics processing and the new A10 Fusion chip, it was still anyone’s guess what amount of memory they packed.

Now, thanks to a listing on benchmark app GeekBench even before they go on sale next week, it has been confirmed that the bigger iPhone 7 Plus has some more memory than the smaller iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 has 2GB RAM, just like last year’s iPhones while the Plus model has an extra gigabyte.

While the 3GB RAM is definitely big news since it is a first for the iPhone, it is not exactly new territory for Apple. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro has 4GB RAM.

The Plus model of the iPhone has for a while now had a few better specifications than the standard model besides the size. However, with both iPhone models getting optical image stabilization this year, that was going to be narrowed down to just the battery capacities and screen resolutions if we were to stick to last year’s script. But with the iPhone 7 Plus getting the new dual cameras at the back and now this revelation that it actually has more RAM, there’s more reason to go with the bigger iPhone than just the size (not that there will be some noticeable better performance than the iPhone 7 as most other critical components like the chip are the same and Apple has optimized them to work well with whatever they have but just for your OCD).

Now we just have to wait for Apple to start shipping the new iPhones so that the folks at iFixit can tear them down and reveal the battery capacities.