A Huge Media Company Is Contemplating Whether To Buy Twitter

The list keeps growing



Rumours of a potential takeover of Twitter by other companies have been gathering speed this past week which led its shares spike almost 20% on Friday. There is another potential buyer and this one is a surprise.

According to Bloomberg, Walt Disney Co. is also evaluating the possibility of buying Twitter. Apparently according to people familiar with the matter, the media company is working with an unnamed ‘financial adviser’ who will help them determine if they can bid to buy the social network.

It is rather interesting for Disney to be remotely interested in buying Twitter although they are not new in the business of buying other companies. They are focused on providing entertainment across various generations and that is why they own the likes of Pixar, Marvel Entertainment, Lucasfilm, ESPN and so much more.

They could buy Twitter so that it can be another avenue to access an audience that consumes and creates video. An analyst quoted by the publication was quoted as saying that Disney is looking at the video distribution aspect so that they can use Twitter to distribute video to its largely broad audience of over 300 million active users.

The other potential suitors that were allegedly mentioned in the race to buy Twitter include Google and Salesforce. Google has not been able to come up with a killer social network so it made sense for them to be interested in buying the company but Salesforce was kinda interesting. Salesforce is a huge player in the CRM world and it could turn Twitter into a huge CRM tool.



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