YouTube’s New App Is All About Making Sharing And Watching Offline Videos A Thing



YouTube is arguably the largest online video repository and it has seen its growth soar in the past decade to a community of over a billion active users and millions of channels out there producing quality stuff.

For a very long time, you had to be online to watch videos on YouTube and this meant that people were constrained by this very fact. That is why they introduced offline viewing on the YouTube app where you could download the video so that you could watch it later when free. It seems YouTube wants to take it up a notch with a new app called YouTube Go.


Currently only available in India, this app will allow you to look for and watch videos on YouTube as well as download them for offline viewing. Just like the normal system in the YouTube app, you will be able to choose the video size before downloading for offline access in case you have a limited data bundle balance.

All of that is not new but the actual new thing about the app is the coolest bit about it. YouTube Go will allow you to share videos to your friends or acquaintances without using any data. The app uses local sharing like Bluetooth connectivity to share these videos with one another so that you don’t necessarily need to download or use your data bundles to see the same video.

You can understand why YouTube decided to launch this app first on India since it is a developing market that is rather huge and mobile focused. The data Google will obtain from this test would be used in launching it in other markets (probably Africa later on.)



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