Facebook At Work Is Reported To Be Launching Soon

facebook at work


Facebook has a really enviable active user base of over 1.7 billion people and this also includes professionals and it makes sense for the company to take advantage of this by releasing a product for the enterprise market.

Facebook At Work is not entirely new as the company announced it way back in 2014 which allowed you to create a work account separate from your personal one that would let you interact with your coworkers. The information that you will be sharing in your work account would only be visible to your co-workers and it seemed to be taking a jab at platforms which were developed to offer the same services like Yammer or Slack.

Now it is being reported by the Information that Facebook is planning to launch this product next month. Unlike other companies, apparently Facebook will charge companies per monthly active user instead of the standard rater per company. This has advantages since there is usually some turnover yearly and the price will scale up or down depending on the number of employees signed up.

In addition, TechCrunch learned that Facebook will also launch integrations with other Software As A Service providers. The companies that will subscribe to Facebook At Work will also be able to use “work Feed” which will allow workers to collaborate on tasks. There will also be groups, Live Video, as well as audio and video calling options like what we see on Messenger and Facebook itself

The publications were not able to get the pricing for Facebook At Work but we will probably get that from the company if they launch it next month.


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