Kenyan Twitter Defines the Rules of Eating at a Kibanda

The President, Nairobi Senator and other politicians eating at a Kibanda

Food stalls or vibanda (kibanda in singular)” have become part of Kenya’s culture thanks to their close proximity to workplaces or schools and mostly due to their affordable meals. If you’ve never eaten in one, they are simple makeshift structures with simple benches and tables where you order meals and pay at the spot.

They are much loved in the Kenyan scene and you will see people from all walks of life visiting their favourite kibanda in the morning or lunchtime and ordering their favourite meals. However, they actually don’t operate like high end restaurants where you’re ushered to a table with a napkin shaped using origami and several pieces of cutlery for various dishes.

In vibandas, things are much simpler than that and Kenyans on Twitter started a trend today #KibandaskiCommandments which they described the various rules you are supposed to follow while in one. Here are some of them:

Don’t ask for a menu. 

Kibandas are not for eating pizzas

If you don’t pay, you’ll be added into a black list of debtors.

Thou must not exit a kibanda without a toothpick.

Don’t order fries. We have fast food restaurants for that.

Thou must be loyal to thine kibanda.

It is customary in kibandas to ask for a sosa (named after saucer) which is a small helping to finish your meal properly

Chapatis should not be priced more than Kshs 10

Yeah don’t expect that

You know…

200 kshs is a lot for a kibanda. A lot

No glass tumblers in vibandas.



  1. I like kibandas too. The food is good (that’s if the place is a little bit clean).
    In addition, thou shall not eat food minus avocado at the kibanda. #kibandaskicommadments

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