Memes Are More Popular Than Jesus On Google did it!



Google gets billions of search queries every second and their data is a very good way of determining what people are thinking about and what to know about it. We have seen such things people query on Google and Kenyans sure search for interesting stuff on the site.

One of the tools that we use to know what are the top trending topics in the world is Google Trends. Google of course gets a lot of queries every day and it can be a good resource to know what people are searching for in a particular time in history.

Well, this guy decided to make a random search query on Google Trends and the results were rather astounding.

He decided to compare two very contrasty topics: Jesus and memes where the former is represented by the blue graph and latter by the red graph. The conclusion: People are searching for memes more than they are searching for Jesus on Google.

From his screenshot, as early as 2011, people were not searching for memes that much and it make sense. Not many people were using Twitter or Facebook en masse like we do now and apps like Snapchat or Instagram were in the very early stages. However, due to the increased use of memes in these networks as they gained user bases over time has made people to search them more to use in these networks. You can say that is why we are seeing a steady increase over time which is shown by its graph.

The moment of truth is when those two graphs meet and eventually pass each other at around May this year and memes briefly passed Jesus on June. However from August this year, the number of searches regarding memes have sustained a lead over Jesus which is very interesting and not surprising at all which will cause a whole discussion around it. Check out for yourself by going to Google Trends.



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