Google Allo Gets Update Adding Support for Android Nougat Features in Version 2.0



Google’s intelligent chat app Allo is getting support for some features introduced to Android with the Android 7 update which we all refer to as Nougat.

New features to Android that Nougat brings include split-screen multi-tasking aka multi-window which is now supported by Google Allo. Those with devices running on Nougat can now chat with Google Assistant while also monitoring their Twitter stream or something like that.

Here are the rest:

  • Direct replies i.e. being able to respond to a new message without having to open the chat app itself have also made their way to Allo. They were one of the most noticeable omissions when Allo became available late last month.
  • The launcher on Google’s new Pixel smartphones adds a nifty feature that reminds us a lot about 3D Touch on the iPhone, launcher shortcuts. What this does is that when an app’s icon is long-pressed from the homescreen, a couple of options pop up for easy access into app functions without necessarily opening the app. Allo, like other Google apps on the Pixel, is now getting that as well.
  • Sending GIFs from keyboards that support that (i.e. keyboard apps that are ready for Android 7.1 like Google’s own keyboard app).
  • Direct share. This is a feature that has been available for developers to integrate into their apps since Android Marshmallow arrived last year. It allows app users to send text and images directly to other users/people when they hit the share button instead of having to open an app then scrolling through a list to find whoever one needed to send the text/photo to.
  • Support for Google’s wearables platform, Android Wear is also included in this Allo update.

Like I noted in my review, Allo is not yet there when it comes to meeting our expectations of a new age messenger application but with updates like this, it will definitely get there soon.

You can grab the updated Allo on the Play Store if you hadn’t yet joined the bandwagon.