Pushbullet Users Will Now Be Able to Reply to Google Allo Messages From Their PCs


Google’s chat app Allo is far from perfect. That much nearly everyone, including the team behind the app at Google, seem to agree.

However, what most of us can’t wrap our heads around is the fact that Allo still doesn’t have a desktop client. There’s just no way to use Google Allo from your computer. This in an age where even WhatsApp offers a desktop app on top of web browser-based access.

For Google Allo users who also happen to be Pushbullet users, this won’t be much of a headache anymore.

Pushbullet will now not just mirror Google Allo message notifications but also allow users to reply to chats all without leaving their PC. All that one needs is to have Pushbullet either installed on their computer or a Pushbullet extension installed on one of their web browsers (Chrome, Firefox).

However, before you rejoice, this only works for those who are using Android Nougat. Bearing in mind that this a very negligible minority, the Pushbullet team may have to add support for older versions of Android if we are all meant to get excited about this. Also, since Pushbullet now has a premium tier, Pushbullet Pro, that requires users to pay $5 per month if they are to send over 100 messages (SMS, WhatsApp…), this may not be that useful given how our chatting habits vary (I can max out the 100 messages in just an hour, for instance).