Google Allo is Now Available on Web, Works Like WhatsApp Web

Only for Android users at the moment

google allo web

google allo web

You’ve probably come across Google Allo, the tech giant’s other attempt to have a killer messaging app like its competitor, Facebook. It introduced us to Google Assistant which is now available on your screens as part of Google Now and has gotten significant updates in its relatively short time.

Well today, Google has rolled out Google Allow for Web, which is great since most of the time, users use their phones and PCs interchangeably while communicating with other people. This was announced by Amit Fulay, Google’s Head of Product for Google Allo.

When you go to Allo for web, you will be greeted with an interface that resembles WhatsApp for web. You are prompted to scan a QR code with your Allo app to get started and Google says currently it is only available to Android users (sorry iPhone users.)

google allo web

To use Allo on the web, open Allo on your phone, swipe the hamburger menu to reveal the menu and click “Allo for web.” Just like how WhatsApp has implemented WhatsApp for Web, you can therefore go ahead and scan the QR code on the website to connect your PC with your phone.


On mobile, you can terminate the session on desktop if you wish right within the Allo for web settings by deleting the specific session or by clicking “sign out of all computers.”

Well this is a good move by Google to cater to the Allo users who may have wanted to use the service on the desktop. However, this is still not my favourite implementation of a desktop messenger, but it is better than nothing at the moment.



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