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google allo ultimate demise

Google Sets Date For Allo’s Ultimate Demise

Google has never had a rousing success with messaging apps and Allo is no different. Google has today put on a notice on Allo's website,...
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Google Allo Gets Chat Backup and Can Now Turn Your Selfies Into Customizable Cartoons

Google finally added the much needed chat backup option to Allo, their messaging service that was meant to rival WhatsApp. As much as we...
Google Allo

Google Allo’s Newest Bot Allows You to Create Polls

Google Allo, yes the same app that was a "disappointment galore" to Emmanuel Chenze, has added a new bot. At launch, Google Allo had...

Google Allo is Coming to a Desktop Near You

Remember Google Allo? The app you probably installed and never opened again? The same app that Emmanuel Chenze said was "...just another glorified messaging...

Google Allo Gets Update Adding Support for Android Nougat Features in Version 2.0

Google's intelligent chat app Allo is getting support for some features introduced to Android with the Android 7 update which we all refer to...

Google Allo: Disappointment Galore

Thanks to the excitement I had after having a great experience with Duo, Google’s video chat app that debuted not long ago, I was...

Google I/O 2016: All the Exciting Stuff Announced at the Keynote

So Google I/O 2016 happened last evening (East African time) and as expected, there was the usual basket full of goodies from El-Goog. In...