Google Allo’s Newest Bot Allows You to Create Polls

Google Allo

Google AlloGoogle Allo, yes the same app that was a “disappointment galore” to Emmanuel Chenze, has added a new bot. At launch, Google Allo had only one bot, the Google Assistant bot (@google). Google later added a GIF bot, @lucky, that would fetch the perfect GIF for a statement that you type.

Well, it seems that Google really wants Allo to succeed and for this reason they have added a new bot that allows you to make polls. Yeah, the kind of polls that we have on twitter. However, it is not that flexible, with Allo’s poll bot you can only create yes/no polls.

Google Allo yesno bot

You call the bot by typing @yesno, within a chat, then you type the question and hit send. You and the people in the conversation can all respond to the poll.

This is a neat feature I must say, and it would work really well in groups. Instead of having those long arguments on how something should be done, why not just create a yes/no poll and let people vote.

I wish one could freely create various answers to the polls, but then again, if wishes were horses?

The bot is live for everyone, and you should go ahead and try it, if you even use Google Allo.

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