Cheza Games Refunds Safaricom Customers for Illegal Gaming Subscriptions

Unsubscribe to Safaricom Premium services

Unsubscribe to Safaricom Premium services

Have you ever found yourself trapped in a premium service that you didn’t know how you signed up to? Or you even are sure you didn’t subscribe but there your airtime is being deducted regularly, sometimes in huge chunks? This was the problem some Safaricom subscribers grappled with for several months when one Premium Rate Service provider Cheza Games subscribed customers to their gaming services and made deductions to their airtime.

Following uproar from customers, Safaricom committed to investigating the matter and promised to give customers illegally subscribed to the service refunds for any amounts charged. Cheza Games would pay these refunds. Yesterday, customers who were charged for these services received refunds received reimbursements for the same. Cheza Games charges customers Kshs. 10 to play  and download games.

In case you are struggling to unsubscribe from these services from Safaricom below is a DIY solution on the same.

  • On Prepay, dial *100*5# and on Postpay dial *200*5#
  • You will get a list of options as seen above, select Premium Rate Services
  • Inside Premium Services, select My Subscriptions
  • This will list all the Premium services you are subscribed to
  • You have the option to unsubscribe to each or all of them

Just in case you need to get any of them back, you will need to do the first two steps, select buy services and you will have a list of services in 7 categories; these being news, music, sports, inspiration, job search, dating and goal.

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  1. Shouldn’t they be investigated by the Communications Authority of Kenya? I see grounds for criminal charges here; last I checked, theft was a crime and what that premium rate service provider did amounts to theft, with Safaricom charged as an accessory (I have ‘The Practice”, ‘Suits’ to thank for the legalese.. :D)

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