This Happy Dog Thought People Had Thrown A Parade For It



For the last two days, your Twitter feed must have been full of politics thanks to the recently concluded US elections and the results that came with where Donald Trump was declared the winner. It has been a rather pensive mood on the timeline and it is high time we saw something that would make us all jolly.

Enter this photo of a dog in a parade as tweeted by @whereisdylan

In the photo, you can see a dog (probably a terrier) that looks really happy as it was walking across the street with people at the side waving flags and all. It looks like it is enjoying the attention as it walks through the parade and people commented about that.

“How sweet!”

It made her day.

Some were glad of the distraction.

Perfect GIF for the photo

This is actually not a recent photo. When you scour the Internet, you will find that the picture is actually relatively old. It was a featured post in Reddit Pics way back in 2012 where we get to see the the origins of the photo. Apparently, the photo was taken when Pope Benedict XVI visited Mexico in 2012 and it was quite popular on Imgur (since Imgur was where Reddit’s photos were hosted for a very long time).

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The post had over 614,000 views where people appropriately called the dog “Pope John Paw” or coming up with thoughts the dog wa having in its mind like “Hey! Thanks guys!” These sort of replays happen and we have seen an old photo popping up on Twitter, like the cat with an awkward pose.


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