Obama And Biden Memes Are The Best Things To Come From The US Election

By Pete Souza

It was a pretty charged week in the US last week thanks to the General elections and a lot of tweets were posted during the week about the election and the eventual President-elect, Donald Trump. The latter also met his harbinger, President Barack Obama and the photos that were released after the meeting was quickly turned into a meme fest thanks to Twitter and Reddit.

The whole situation of handing power between the incumbent and successor is proving to be a trying time for the American people, but it has not necessarily prevented them to make fun of it. This time, the focus has been on President Barack Obama and the Vice President, Joe Biden. There are numerous photos out there of the two gentlemen in various scenarios while delegating their duties, but Twitter had other ideas when it decided to make Biden mischievous.

The running joke is that Biden is a person who likes to pull pranks and Obama is left trying to disarm all his follies.

This one makes fun of Trump’s small hands.

He doesn’t want to share the White House password with the incoming administration.

He wants to give them the “wrong” address of the White House.

He must have the secret password…

What if it was the Black House instead??

Biden knows who his President is…

Biden does not want Trump in the Situation room

Biden is throwing a tantrum…

“Trump has big shoes to fill”

Joe Biden does not want Trump to be able to understand the nuclear codes.


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