Kenyans On Twitter Are Sharing Their Mute Lists And They Show A Pattern

Captain Smerk with the shusher wand


Yesterday, Twitter announced an update to their anti-harassment tools, which was a welcome move since they have been plagued by this issue for a while now. There are two sides of this issue where you give users the ability to filter what they don’t want to see and on the network side where they handle complaints.

The main tools that help people filter what they don’t want to see on Twitter are the mute and block tools. The blocking tool  was not that effective initially since you could block a person and they would still see your tweets in a conversation. Thankfully, Twitter rectified that by pushing an update and they did just that for the mute tool.

Just like the blocking tool, the official muting functionality was rather barebones where you were only able to mute a person to prevent their tweets from showing up on your timeline. However, that was enough since you may have wanted to mute certain keywords, phrases or hashtags and Twitter did exactly that.

The update was released yesterday and today, Kenyans on Twitter started to share screenshots of their list of words and phrases.

This is quite extensive

I’m starting to see a trend here.

There seems to be a theme here

Others decided to mute football related words

Same case here

Some were quick to show that other 3rd party Twitter apps have had the feature for a while now.

A point to note is that Twitter specified that the expanded mute feature was for notifications, so you will be able to see these tweets on your timeline. Twitter needs to work on that as we have seen these features on third party apps like Tweetbot for iOS which mutes keywords and phrases from your timeline.

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