Request For ‘Voluntary’ Photography Job on Facebook Becomes Unexpected Lesson

Photographers were not amused at all!



The major social networks have accumulated relatively large audiences and they are a good starting point to find people. In social networks like Facebook, there are groups, which are communities comprised of people who share a common interest.

One of the best ways to look for people you want for a certain engagement is by targeting these specialized groups and that is what this lady did recently. She decided to post a query to the Professional Photographers Group on Facebook where she was seeking for someone to cover an event for free.


Well, that request did not sit well with people thanks to the “unpaid opportunity” phrase at the bottom and people were quick to respond to the request. It generated over 100 comments and over 40 shares all trying to explain to Stella about the magnitude of her request.

Yeah this guy was not pleased about the request since he knows the cost of the equipment.


This guy compared the logic with getting a “free camera” from the camera manufacturer, Nikon.


Well played, Douglas.


David here tried to explain to Stella about the logic of paying for a photographer using a visual aid.


Dennis was not too happy about the apparent “exploitation”


Shadrack over here gave an option (well.. phone cameras are becoming more capable by the day)


This guy summed up the plight of photographers in this thread perfectly.


However, the entire comment thread was not homogenous. Someone decided to view the request from another angle as an opportunity like how Stella framed the request.



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