Flamboyant Kenyan Pastor is Latest to Download Internet Pictures for Show

Bishop kiuna instagram
Bishop kiuna instagram

Someone once said that what goes up into the internet never goes down. This comes true when over the weekend when social media came awash with talk of a city pastor being the beneficiary of a Cessna C750 Citation 10 in form of a birthday gift from his flock on celebrating his Jubilee year. All very nice things, till you remember the cost of the Cessna Citation X being around USD 2.7 million for a year ’97 bird, probably the lowest they can get.

But even then, it’s not entirely difficult for a church to have such cash reserves to spend on buying their pastor a plane. What’s difficult is turning internet pictures into a real plane. That’s a tough one. But yet someone tried.

On Bishop Kiuna’s Instagram page there was a very inspiring image of a Cessna Citation X with both an exterior and interior. And a thank you message accompanying it. Now we’ve been here before with this “Social Entrepreneur” who had stock photos for employees, and an accompanying attitude. Thus the usual checks had to be done.

A reverse image search was requested.

And the results weren’t surprising

Now my reverse image search shows that the images, including the interior have been on the internet since 2011. This is the cabin of the Cessna as used on the Instagram page, and this is it’s history.

cessna c750 citation 10 cabin

And with that, the image shared on the Instagram page disappeared just like it came. It could have been deleted because of the social media outrage over church members allegedly buying their pastor a jet. But whether these were the images they received from a salesperson and that the plane is real and yet to arrive is something to wait for and see. But naturally someone has egg on the face and as we say, the Internet never forgets.

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