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Paradigm Initiative Calls For Collective Action To Safeguard Digital Rights, Promote Internet Freedom

Paradigm Initiative (PIN) is urging all stakeholders to take collective action in safeguarding rights, promoting responsible practices, and preserving Internet Freedom. PIN is a Pan-African...
Kenya Internet Governance Forum 2023 This year’s event is scheduled for June 19th up to the 22nd.

KICTANet Gears Up for Internet Governance Forum 2023

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a global multistakeholder platform that facilitates the discussion of public policy issues pertaining to the Internet The Kenya Internet Governance Forum...
Community Networks Deployment

Tanzania Banks on Community Networks to Bridge Digital Gap

Tanzania President Dr. Suluhu Samia was the chief guest as Tanzania Community Network Alliance (TCNA) signed a contract to deploy 758 internet towers that...

Internet Access Restored in Uganda After 100 Hours in the Dark

Internet access in Uganda has been apparently restored after it was blocked before the country underwent a general election last week on Thursday. https://twitter.com/nazaninemoshiri/status/1351082736073760771?s=20 https://twitter.com/patuhaire/status/1351087296251121666?s=20 This ends...

University Engineers Set Mind Numbing Record Internet Speed

The Internet is part of our lives now and we crave faster and faster internet each year. Commercial Internet is limited in bandwidth, but...

No, Facebook and Google Don’t Control Websites That Receive 70% of All Internet Traffic

Lately, there have been calls by 2020 US Presidential hopefuls to break up big tech companies like Facebook and Google. One of the democratic...
mawingu network subscriptions drop CA report q1 2019

Mawingu Networks Subscription Numbers Drop Massively Due To CA Directive

Communications Authority of Kenya has released its latest sector statistics for the first quarter of the 2018/2019 financial year which is from July-September 2018....
ca report q3 2017-2018

Kenya Mobile Penetration Closing on to 100%, CyberAttacks Decline

The Communications Authority of Kenya recently released their statistical report about the industry's performance for the January-March 2108 quarter. It is filled with some...
internet surfing

Internet Security: Best Practices for Safer Surfing

Recently, we covered internet security: tools to protect your internet privacy. No amount of best practices will help if you do not start with...
Internet security

Internet Security: Tools to Protect Your Internet Privacy

We use Internet for almost everything- from meeting new people on social media platforms to planning our vacations, and from shopping to paying our...
sate of internet kenya 2017

BAKE’s State of the Internet Report 2017: WhatsApp Still The Most Popular Network in Kenya

Internet use in the country has seen tremendous growth and this is thanks to the wide adoption of mobile phones, 3G and 4G network...
Saving money

Stretch Your Paycheck Further by Saving on Everything

Ever notice how fast your income disappears? Your account balance is high on payday and then a few moments later, you’re back to scrounging...
Net Neutrality

Portugal Gives Us an Idea Of a World Without Net Neutrality

The debate around net neutrality has been hotly contested in the past few years. As explained by a post on Wikipedia, net neutrality is...
mombasa faster download speeds nairobi

Scam Sites and How To Avoid Them

We all know the amazing opportunities and novelties that web technology development has brought into our lives very well, but at the same...

Communications Authority of Kenya Promises Not to Shut Down Internet During the Election

Kenya is about to choose new leaders next week and we are a time when a considerable amount of the conversation will be happening...
Angola Cables

Cable System Connecting Africa and America Gains New Ground in A Move to Create New Routes for Internet Traffic

Angola Cables, a global telecommunications company that has been in business since 2009, has announced the finalization of a marine survey for the South...

Android Trumps Over Windows to Become the World’s Most Popular Operating System

No, Not Windows Mobile, but the full version of Windows that runs on PCs. Android made one big step to surpass Windows, which has...
Super fast internet

Infrared-Based Wi-Fi Promises to Outclass Current Internet Speeds by A Hundredfold

Eindhoven University of Technology researchers, Holland have developed a wireless network using infrared rays that will do 100 times current WiFi speeds.
Internet habits

Internet Marketing 2017: Three Bad Habits You Should Definitely Quit This Year

Every internet marketing professional has certain habits that he may not even be aware of. And these habits are holding a lot of them back in a big way.

Your Data Bundles Run Out Just as Fast as You Bought Them? This May Be the Reason

10 ways you can take control of your smartphone's data consumption habits.
Bishop kiuna instagram

Flamboyant Kenyan Pastor is Latest to Download Internet Pictures for Show

Someone once said that what goes up into the internet never goes down. This comes true when over the weekend when social media came...

Gambia Joins The Roster Of African Countries To Disrupt Internet Access This Year

Gambia joins the list of countries that have disrupted Internet access to its citizens
fast internet

Internet Speed: How Fast Is Fast Enough?

While Internet speeds are already fast, expect them to be even faster in the future with Fiber, Vectoring, and DSL bonding. If you belong...

Facebook’s Solar Powered Drone for Beaming Internet Made a Successful Maiden Flight

Facebook has always iterated that they want to connect the unplugged members of our society to the internet who in fact are estimated to...

Ethiopia is the Latest Country to Block Access to Social Networking Sites

Countries blocking Internet access has taken limelight these past few users and the authorities have different reasons of doing that. Since social networking sites...

According to the UN, Internet disruption is a human rights violation

The Internet has only grown in importance in our daily lives from its roots limited to desktops to the current situation right now where...
Able Wireless box

Able Wireless Goes Live in Kenya With Kshs 500 Home Internet and TV for the Masses

Able wireless has gone live with a pilot for home internet in Ruaraka, Nairobi. The startup that has had a tough time getting into...

Google has Filed Paperwork for 2 Drones that will Provide Internet Connectivity

According to Internet Live Stats, there are around 3.2 billion Internet users out of the current world population of 7.3 billion. This means that...

Indian Government Okays Internet Porn Temporarily After Previous Ban

A few days ago, the Indian government had issued a directive to blacklist over 800 porn websites  and this move was met with harsh...

More Kenyans Turning to Online Education Resources, Poll Survey Shows

A mobile phone poll survey conducted for Fast Company by GeoPoll in Kenya and Ghana reveal that 42% of Kenyan and 40% of Ghanaian...
airplane wifi

Airplane Wifi Set for a Take-off

Singapore - Wi-Fi in aircraft, hobbled in the past by slow speeds, could soon take off as new technology enables passengers to surf the...

When electronic newspapers were available command line-style [VIDEO]

Imagine if you were sitting down to your morning coffee, turning on your home computer to read the day's newspapers If you are reading this...
Wazi Wi-Fi

Google and Wananchi want you to see the convenience that is Wazi Wi-Fi

Only 6% of Kenya National internet capacity of 8400G(8.4Tbps) is in use, that's around 574G, and this goes to show we are really underutilising...
fantasy shopper

Global award win for SETsquared company Fantasy Shopper at Amazon AWS Start-up Challenge

SETsquared supported company announced as the winner of the fifth annual AWS Start-Up Challenge by Amazon Web Services LLC (AWS), an Amazon.com company

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