There Is No Need To Use Periscope To Broadcast Live Video Since Twitter Can Do That Now

I've been waiting for this



In the last two years, we have seen a huge interest by social networks in offering livestreaming options to its users, for obvious reasons like the huge interest they draw thanks to their unpredictability. Facebook developed their Live Video system last year and has become a huge thing , Instagram launched its own Live Video recently and the likes of Tumblr had their own weird implementations.

Twitter acquired Periscope last year in March which signified their interests in venturing into the livestreaming game. However, they have finally done what I have always hoped they would do, which is to offer a way to start a livestream within the Twitter app.

Starting today, the company says that you will be able to start a livestream within the Twitter app, which is now powered by Periscope. All you need to do is to tap on the “compose tweet” button, tap “LIVE” which will launch the pre-broadcast screen and when you are ready, you can go on and start broadcasting. People watching your livestream will be able to send comments or hearts and the broadcaster will be able to see them just like in the dedicated Periscope app.

This is actually a big deal. Facebook and Instagram had previously one-upped Twitter by offering in-app livestreaming options and this will allow Twitter to catch up. Twitter has not given information about the future of the dedicated Periscope app, but that will be revealed later on.

The update will be rolled out to everyone on the official Twitter apps (on iOS and Android) in the next few days.


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