“How To Bleach Skin Professionally” Is One Of The Trending Searches Made By Kenyans In 2016


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We have reached the end of year and Internet based companies are releasing reports of trends they have seen happen on their platforms for the year. Google is no exception and they released for their annual Year In Search for 2016 where they revealed what Kenyans were searching for the most for the year.

According to Google, Kenyans were searching mainly for events and personalities which was clearly shown by the various search results the company has been releasing monthly.

The top trending search made by Kenyans is not a shocker thanks to how the citizens love the game of football. Euro 2016 took the first spot as people searched on Google to find out more information about the tournament.

Second on the list is a personality, Donald Trump, who was recently named by Time Magazine as the “Person of the Year.” This was thanks to the recently concluded US Presidential election where Kenyans were able to follow the events live on Google.

Third on the list is an event and it is the Olympic Games that were held in Brazil. The Kenyan team performed quite well as the country ranked 15th on the table with 6 gold medals, 6 silver and 1 bronze.

Kenyans also used Google to search for answers ranging from “how to bleach skin professionally” to “what is happening at Aleppo” and also weird ones like “How to stop smelly feet.”

Here are the full lists of the various trending searches made by Kenyans.

Kenya’s Trending Searches

  1. Euro 2016
  2. Donald Trump
  3. Olympic Games
  4. Jacob Juma
  5. Muhammad Ali
  6. Hillary Clinton
  7. Diana Chelele
  8. Lucy Kibaki
  9. Project X
  10. Achieng Abura

Kenya’s Trending Events

  1. Olympic Games
  2. US Election
  3. Brexit
  4. Euro 2016
  5. Uganda Elections
  6. Holi Festival
  7. Kericho by-election
  8. Bob Collymore wedding
  9. Ramadan 2016
  10. Huruma tragedy

Trending “How to” searches

  1. How to lose weight fast
  2. How to create a blog
  3. How to keep natural hair soft
  4. How to save money
  5. How to bleach skin professionally
  6. How to chat with girls
  7. How to get a flat stomach
  8. How to treat a burn at home
  9. How to answer interview questions
  10. How to use coloured bulbs for interior decor

What is…

  1. happening in Aleppo?
  2. going on in Ethiopia?
  3. the meaning of red heart?
  4. devolution?
  5. candidiasis?
  6. nausea?
  7. halitosis?
  8. pdf?
  9. mocha?
  10. detox?

(Health related) How to..

  1. lose weight fast
  2. get a flat stomach
  3. calculate my pregnancy
  4. stop smelly feet
  5. lower blood pressure
  6. treat itchy eyes
  7. calculate safe days
  8. cure tonsils
  9. gain weight in one day
  10. treat stomach ulcers
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  1. Search engines have long filtered these results, pretending that these results are what truly people search for. While it is entirely possible that those are among top searches, what I strongly suspect is those are sanitized-for-public.

    I mean if this is anything to go by, we all are very sexual beings when we go online. And if this has inklings of truth, then Google must be lying about those results. And who would then trust search results from a lying search engine?

    Either they bring out the ugly truth that we all pretend doesn’t exist, or they rename those results and call them what they truly are: Top BLEACHED Year In Search.

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