Group Voice Calls Could Be On The Way On Facebook For Desktop



Video calling has become the norm nowadays thanks to the plethora of apps then you at offer the service; from Google Duo to Hangouts to the good old Skype. Focusing on the Facebook apps, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have video calling and voice calling but the latter was only the latter that was updated with the group calling feature.

Group voice calls are fun when you want to hang out with your friends and that is why Skype has the feature and also Facebook Messenger. However for the latter, it was effected on the mobile apps way back in April but not on the desktop. Well, according to TechCrunch, that could change.

According to the report, Facebook confirmed to the publication that the group voice calling test for desktop is only a small test. These lucky users who are in the test can be able to start these group voice calls when they tap on the calling button while in group chats. Group voice calls are even more engaging than the text themselves since you are able to hear the people in action during the call and it is more than welcome.

This feature is a definite blow to Skype for Windows users who have been accustomed to making these voice conferencing calls via the Microsoft owned apps. Facebook also has the advantage of having over 1.7 billion users so for a lot of people out there, it could be their first and only way to chat with their friends while on desktop via group voice calls.