Kickass Torrents is Back owing to Efforts by Site’s Former Staff



In July, US Authorities arrested Artem Vaulting in Poland, over allegations that he operated the popular site Kickass Torrent. The authorities alleged that Artem was responsible for reproducing and distributing copyrighted content worth $1 billion. The US authorities had for the longest time tried to nab him to no avail.The arrest led to the seizing of the domain and all other domains related to Kickass, leaving fans across the world disappointed.

A few clones of the site but none were as reliable or up to speed as Kickass. According to Torrent Freak, a group of ex staffers from Kickass have relauched the site. The new site looks exactly like the former site under the domain . Torrent Freak says majority of the site’s original staff, Admins and moderation team are back as well as renowned uploaders. The news comes just after the news that  the individual responsible for uploading the UK’s Top 40 singles to The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents each week has been jailed for a year. The collection was one of the most popular downloads on torrent sites.