Telegram’s New Update Will Allow You To Undo Those Risky Texts

This will save lives


We have various ways to communicate in these modern times from the traditional SMS to the numerous chatting platforms that use data to send text messages. There has been one problem though: You may have sent a message to someone and immediately regretted the decision which means you will be left with the impending consequences.

Well, Telegram has come to the rescue by announcing a feature that will allow you to retrieve that message you sent by mistake. When you send a wrong message to a specific person, you’ll now be able to delete it within 48 hours according to Telegram. It only works with messages that were recently sent so no luck for those texts that you sent days ago.

You will get the new feature when you update your mobile apps to Telegram version 3.16 . The feature works in both group chats and personal chats where you only need to long press on the message and hit delete.

The other minor feature Telegram added in this update is a shorter version of their style URL. Whenever you wanted to send a quick link from memory to either a channel or to your personal account,you had to use the syntax where the “username” is the name of your account or channel. Now Telegram has made it easier where the syntax has been shortened to which applies to chats, public groups, channels or stickers. They also added a network usage option in settings to keep track of your data usage.

This update comes after they quietly removed support for older versions of Android which makes sense since those came out eons ago.

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