The Internet is all Sentimental about Obama’s Last Speech

Via AP


The outgoing US President, Barack Obama gave his much awaited final speech today which brought an end to his 8 year at the top job of the country. As you might expect, the speech came at a time when the traditional media and social media covered the event in great detail, and as such, we can see various snippets of the hour long speech across platforms like Twitter and the full one on YouTube.

It was quite an emotional speech and people resonated a lot to it and decided to post their sentiments on Twitter, from celebrities to the regular folk alike. The trending hashtag for the occasion was Obama Farewell and here are some of the tweets.

Larry King, the famed interviewer said this

The Ellen Show

Tyler over here was quite emotional about the speech

Marc Jacobs, the famous designer posted this photo of Obama wearing this

Neyo doesn’t want Obama to go

Magic Johnson praised his skills as a speaker.

Others praised his track record

Generally, people seemed to be proud of Obama

This will only last for a few days

I expected the Obama-dropping-a-mic gif here

Others were lamenting over the ‘downgrade’ America will be experiencing in the next few days

Well this person urged people to save that speech for eternity.

This guy saw the actual message of the speech

Billboard tweeted the classic Obama dropping a mic gif which is important for the moment

Someone highlighted the irony of the moment between the succeeding and the preceding Presidents

To culminate the whole moment, this lady summarizes what Obama said at the end of his speech.