Windows 10 Will Get a Game Mode to Allow Games to Maximize Performance


Gamers rejoice! Microsoft is apparently testing something that will be music to the ears of any gamers out there: a Game Mode in Windows 10.

The feature has been spotted in the Xbox app recently indicating that Microsoft is already extensively testing it with a small subset of its Insiders, users who sign up to test features and builds of Windows long before they are rolled out to its wider user base.

Like most third party application software already available in the market that goes by similar names, Game Mode is expected to result in games being given priority as far as system resource allocation goes so as to ensure smooth game play and better performance even though not much is known about the feature at this point.

Microsoft is expected to release a major update to Windows 10 codenamed Redstone 2 soon. The company confirmed during its event last October that the Windows 10 Creators Update will be bringing with several new features. Game Mode and several other game-centric features may be part of the update.

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