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Users Urged to Update WinRAR, Serious Vulnerability Found

WinRAR users are urged to update the applications to the latest release after a security vulnerability has been discovered. The popular Windows archive tool...
Reduce lagging in Windows

5 Step Solution to Reduce Lagging In Your Windows Computer

It can get quite infuriating when your pc is slow and generally unresponsive. Well, before you do something drastic here are some quick and...

Malware Attack Stats Confirm Windows is Always Targeted More Often Than macOS

Data analyzed and presented by Atlas VPN, 2021 has revealed a record year for the development of new Windows malware. While 2021 has another month...

WhatsApp is Now Available for Windows, How to Download

WhatsApp is mainly accessed from smartphones. The chat app, which is owned by Meta, the new company that also owns Instagram and Facebook, is the...

Facebook Launches New Windows and Mac Desktop Apps To Keep Up With Video Calls

Today, Facebook has announced new Messenger app for MacOS and Windows which they hope you will use to video chat with your friends and...
microsoft windows cloud download

Microsoft is Testing a ‘Cloud Download’ Feature for Windows

Restoring your data can be a nuisance for a lot of people. This happens when you lose a computer or a phone and you...
microsoft edge internet explorer

Microsoft is Discontinuing Old Games on Older Windows Versions

Gaming is part of the culture of owning a computer. These games range from simple games that come preloaded with Windows and the more...
windows 10 update

Windows 10’s Next Major Update is Apparently a Minor One

Microsoft launched Windows 10 4 years ago and they release 2 major updates yearly. They initially gave these updates cool names like 'anniversary' or...
windows 10 october 2018 update features

8 Major Features To Check Out in The New Windows 10 October Update

There is now a new Windows 10 update and it has followed a new trend of expecting a new major update on Windows 10...
Windows PC Android Link

In the Near Future You Might Be Able to Link Your Smartphone to Your Windows 10 PC

The latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16251 was rolled out towards the end of last week. The highlight of this latest build is...

Hasta La Vista Windows Vista: Microsoft Ends Support for Windows Vista

Ten years after Microsoft made one of the worst Operating Systems out there, the company has decided to finally pull the plug on Windows...

Android Trumps Over Windows to Become the World’s Most Popular Operating System

No, Not Windows Mobile, but the full version of Windows that runs on PCs. Android made one big step to surpass Windows, which has...

As Tablets Tumble, Smartphone Sales Are Going Up

What market saturation?
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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Cloud Screenshots Leak

Alleged screen shots of a new version of Windows 10, currently known as "Windows Cloud," have leaked, courtesy of Windows Blog Italia. This news...

Microsoft Tipped to Go After Google’s Chrome OS with Windows 10 Cloud

Chrome OS, the lightweight operating system centered around Google's Chrome browser has made serious inroads thanks to the affordable hardware it runs on which...

Windows 10 Will Get a Game Mode to Allow Games to Maximize Performance

Coming soon with the Windows 10 Creators Update

Facebook and Messenger Will Require More RAM To Run Smoothly On Windows 10 devices

Facebook has dealt a big blow to budget Windows Phone devices that run Windows 10 mobile

No More Angry Birds For All Windows Devices

This isn't surprising at all.

6 Essential Tools for Your Windows PC

With the arrival of Windows 8, Microsoft heralded a new direction in the way users find, download and install software. To mimic what we...

Windows 10 Runs on 300 Million Devices – Microsoft

Microsoft's latest version of its Windows operating system, Windows 10, powers 300 million devices in the world. This figure includes PCs, tablets, smartphones and...
Lumia 535 review

Lumia 520 No Longer the Most Popular Windows Smartphone 3 Years Later

The Microsoft Lumia 535 is the most popular smartphone running Microsoft's Windows mobile operating system. The device, which started selling in December 2014, pipped the...

Windows 10 Has Been Installed on 270 Million Devices

Microsoft's latest version of its Windows operating system, Windows 10, now runs on 270 million devices. Microsoft confirmed the figures at its annual Build...

Microsoft to Release Office 2016 on Windows on September 22nd

As had been earlier hinted, Microsoft will finally be making public the next version of its productivity software suite, Office, to users of its...

Windows 10 Reportedly Takes 5% Marketshare Within 2 Weeks of Release

We’re just a few hours from marking the third week since Microsoft started seeding Windows 10 to all eligible customers worldwide. While the only...

Firefox Browser Updated to Work with Windows 10

Mozilla has released version 40 of its Firefox browser for Android, Linux, Mac and Windows. The update is meant to iron out a lot...
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Things to Consider after Upgrading to Windows 10

Besides being an upgrade that I love full of features that make using it a pleasant experience, it is not just bugs that...

Windows 10 Installed on 14 Million Devices in the First 24 Hours

The Windows 10 roll-out is on all around the world as more and more fans, long time users and new PC buyers lay their...
Windows 10 Phones Preview

10 Smartphones in Line to Get Windows 10 First Revealed

Right now all the attention is on the Windows 10 release currently rolling out all around the world. What those not in the know have...

Windows 10 Makes it Easier to Sync Files Across your Mobile Devices

Windows 10 is here. There's so much about it that we can't possibly tell you everything about it in one sitting. So instead you'll...

Google Makes it Easier to Save Your Microsoft Office Files to Google Drive

Google is following in the footsteps of Dropbox in making it easy for Microsoft Office users to save their files on its own cloud...

Windows XP marketshare drops as Windows 8.1 rises in May

Windows XP is no longer the hottest desktop operating system in the world. Neither is it the coolest at the moment. That has however...
Windows 10 Preview

Windows 10 Is Last Big Windows Update As Microsoft Transitions to Windows As A Service

Times have changed and so is Microsoft. Remember when Windows shipped in several floppy disks? Ok, that may be too long ago. Remember when...

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