Microsoft’s Windows 10 Cloud Screenshots Leak

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Alleged screen shots of a new version of Windows 10, currently known as “Windows Cloud,” have leaked, courtesy of Windows Blog Italia. This news Operating System would be a version of Windows 10 that would run Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps only. This means that you cannot sideload any applications, and will only be able to use the apps found on the Windows Store.

According to Windows Blog Italia (who have access to a version of Windows 10 Cloud), Windows Store apps built using Microsoft’s “Centennial” Desktop bridge, which enables developers to move their Win32 apps to the Windows Store, work on their version of Windows 10 Cloud. You can see the leaked screenshots below:

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The important point here is Windows Cloud will be locked down to prevent users from installing apps that are not in the Windows 10 Store, which is as a plus for security, but a minus given the weak collection of UWP/Store apps available for Windows 10. Microsoft is believed to be planning to position Windows 10 Cloud, as an alternative to Chrome OS, as we had mentioned earlier.

SOURCEwindows blog italia
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