Microsoft is Testing a ‘Cloud Download’ Feature for Windows

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Restoring your data can be a nuisance for a lot of people. This happens when you lose a computer or a phone and you have to get your data back. That is why I am a fan of cloud based restore features that allow you to get your data when you need it.

It seems like Microsoft is working on that for Windows. According to the company, they revealed that the are testing a ‘cloud download’ feature which relates to when you need to reset your Windows 10 or you need reinstalling.

This feature was mentioned as part of their ‘Insider Windows’ updates which is their community for testing beta Windows products. The cloud download feature isn’t available and working quite yet right now and Microsoft says that they will let Insiders know once it is so that they can try it out.

This could be a fantastic feature to have in the next upcoming update of Windows, which is scheduled to be released sometime in September this year. The current system for restoration of files on Windows PCs involve using tools from PC manufacturers where they dedicate a section of your hard-drive as a restore section.

Currently, Windows also allows you to reset your PC from settings so this ‘cloud download’ could be an update to that. We don’t know much about it right now, but I wish it could allow you to do several things like allowing backing up of your important files on your OneDrive and after restoring, they are retrieved when the laptop is reset. It could also make transitioning between PCs easily since you could just use your cloud download to move your files to a new PC.

We will have to wait and see what they are planning with this feature later on an we will see the first light of it in the next Insider build (hopefully).