Windows 10 Hits 350 Million Device Install Mark As Microsoft Announces Anniversary Update Rollout Plans

An improved Cortana, better gaming experience with Xbox Play Anywhere and updates to Windows Hello, Windows Defender and Windows Ink all part of the Anniversary Update


Microsoft will from August 2nd start releasing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to all devices for free. The update, named after the one year anniversary which the operating system marks on July 29th, will bring with it several feature improvements.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will see Cortana, the personal assistant on Windows 10 devices, get several enhancements to make it smarter with the ability to save and recall information, synchronize data across devices and gain access to the lock screen. Gamers will also benefit since the update makes it easier to share games and achievements on both their Windows 10 PCs as well as the XBox One console. The rest of us will appreciate the arrival of extensions for Microsoft’s browser, Edge as well as security enhancements in Windows Defender.

The last big update to Windows 10 was the November update which started rolling out to devices across the globe in November as its name insinuates.

In the release announcing the Anniversary Update’s roll-out plans, Microsoft also revealed that Windows 10, the latest version of its Windows operating system, now runs on 350 million devices. In early May the company had announced that Windows 10 had hit the 300 million install mark. Microsoft counts installations on both devices in the hands of users as well as those already pre-installed with the operating system but still sitting on store shelves. These range from smartphones like the Lumia 550 which run the mobile version of Windows 10 to tablets and PCs.

Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users who have not yet upgraded to Windows 10 have until July 29th, 2016, when Windows 10 will be marking its first anniversary, to make the jump since Microsoft will start charging for the update afterwards.

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