Windows 10’s Next Major Update is Apparently a Minor One

windows 10 update

Microsoft launched Windows 10 4 years ago and they release 2 major updates yearly. They initially gave these updates cool names like ‘anniversary’ or ‘creator updates’ but now they have generic names.

Microsoft released Windows 10 1903 update last month and I’ve been using it for the past one month. This update is pretty new but now we are seeing reports of the next Windows 10 update.

The next Windows update, codenamed 19H2 will be a ‘cumulative’ update according to Microsoft.

According to Microsoft, 19H2 will be include ‘performance improvements, enterprise features, and quality enhancements’. This will be delivered to people who are running the May 2019 Update.

There is a key feature with this new future update. Microsoft says they are testing a new servicing technology to deliver the update. This means that anyone running the May 2019 Update will have a far faster update experience since you will install it like a monthly update.

This also means that people updating to the future update from Windows 10 versions earlier than the May 2019 will update as usual.

This notice means that Microsoft is sort of coercing people psychologically to update to the May 2019 Update so that they get the new update easily. Interesting enough, the May 2019 Update made it easy to manage updates where you can pause them at will.

Microsoft is also targeting a new timeline for the next update. We are used to the April and October releases but they are changing that. The company is targeting a September release for 19H2 so we will have to wait and see how that will go.