Hasta La Vista Windows Vista: Microsoft Ends Support for Windows Vista

Good riddance

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Ten years after Microsoft made one of the worst Operating Systems out there, the company has decided to finally pull the plug on Windows Vista and end its support.

It is not a secret that people did not like Windows Vista and that ould explain how the OS has just 1.07% market share behind Windows XP at 5.47% market share. The OS was termed as a resource hog and it did not run very well on older hardware. Contrary to popular belief, Windows Vista was not an “accident”. Microsoft had great plans with the OS, the company was on a journey to reinvent Windows with Vista.

Vista introduced a file system and a new User Interface (the only good thing I remember about it). Things did not go as planned and Microsoft had to cancel its plans for a new file system (WinFS file system). With Vista came Aero glass design, the new design turned windows into “glass panels”. Admittedly, it looked good compared to what we had with Windows XP.

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Four years after its début, Microsoft pulled Windows Vista from the shelves and stopped selling the OS but continued supporting it with updates and security patches. Now, it’s the end of the road for Vista. As from yesterday. April 11 2017, Microsoft seized support for the Operating System.

The spotlight turns to the new kid on the block, Windows 10 Creators Update. The update which went live, brings a lot of features to attract “creatives” and prove to them that Windows supports creativity and design. If you’ve not yet updated to the Creator’s Update, you should checkout our feature on the new update and get to know what interesting features it brings along.

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