Facebook and Messenger Will Require More RAM To Run Smoothly On Windows 10 devices

This is a blow to budget Windows 10 phones


Facebook apps are usually very bloated thanks to all the features the company has added over the last several years. This usually leads to the app using a lot of resources which include the ballooning in size and the increased RAM usage.

When you have a phone with limited RAM (below 2GB), you may notice that when you run Facebook or Messenger, it makes the phone sluggish thanks to their high RAM usage. Well, it seems that the company has found a solution for that in the Windows 10 ecosystem.

According to MSPoweruser, Facebook has updated the minimum requirements for its Windows 10 apps where they will now need at least 2GB RAM for them to run smoothly.

Apparently thanks to Facebook’s cross-platform language (Facebook apps are everywhere), this led to the Windows 10 Mobile apps to become slow and unresponsive which can be annoying for someone who wants to use this apps.

There is a problem here where budget Windows Mobile devices like the Lumia 5 series and 6 series (Like the Lumia 535 and 640XL) have 1GB of RAM which means they won’t have access to these basic apps. People with the flagship Windows Phones like the Lumia 950 or the 950XL won’t be affected since they have 3GB RAM each.

Losing access to Facebook and Messenger on a platform that has limited access to major apps is a big problem. This means in order for them to use it, they’ll have to upgrade to a more expensive Windows Phone or go for a phone that is tied to another ecosystem. However according to the source of the story, people will phones with less than 2GB RAM will be able to download it but they won’t be supported which is sad. Compare this with the situation on Android where they have both Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite to cater for those phones that have limited resources.