LG-Made Google Smartwatches Leak Ahead of February Unveiling


Sometime next month, Google is expected to finally unveil Android Wear 2.0. As is almost always the case, any new software unveiling from Google mostly gets accompanied by some swanky new hardware to showcase it. In the case of Android Wear 2.0, that could be a couple of watches from Google or rather, like the Pixel smartphones it released late last year, designed by Google. This is because by this point, we are all resigned to the fact that LG has been tasked with manufacturing them and that there might be some LG branding of some sort as alluded to by a report yesterday.

But how exactly do those watches look like and what do they pack? That’s the question and well, may be some leakers have some answers. Or so we think.

The two smartwatches will reportedly be referred to as LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style, further underlining Google’s decision to drop its own explicit branding as was the case with its Pixel smartphones.

The LG Watch Sport will have a rubber strap and a metallic body while the LG Watch Style may have metallic or leather straps while other options for customization cannot be ruled out at this point.

Spec-wise, the LG Sport is expected to sport a 1.38-inch 480 x 480-pixel round display, much bigger than the Style’s 1.2-inch 360 x 360-pixel display. The former will also have more memory and a bigger battery with 768MB of RAM and a 430mAh unit packed inside that small body compared to 512MB and 240mAh in the latter.

Google Assistant integration is a key feature of the two watches. They get water and dust protection, too.

Both watches will also reportedly have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. However it is the LG Watch Sport that will have cellular network connectivity (4G LTE) to help it take full advantage of Android Wear 2.0’s standalone capabilities. The larger timepiece will also have a heart rate sensor, GPS and NFC, the latter feature being crucial for making it possible to use the smartwatch to make payments using Android Pay.


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