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Key Announcements Made On Google I/O 2017

Google's annual I/O conference started yesterday and they used the opportunity to announce new features and improvements on their ecosystem. Ecosystem update Google revealed that we...

Google Assistant Will Now Be Available On The iPhone

Google Assistant was announced by Google last year to much fanfare as a smarter alternative to Google Now that was able to contextually understand...
Google Assistant

Google Assistant for iOS Could Be Announced During Google I/O 2017

Google I/O is about to kick off and there are reports that Google could announce Assistant for iOS as a standalone app. The reports coming...
Google Allo

You Can Now Share Files On Allo, Make Voice Calls On Duo and Share Memorable Moments with Photos On...

A file-sharing update is rolling out, so you will be able to share documents and other files including apks, zip files, mp3s and so forth.

Huawei Mate 9 is the First Non-Amazon Device to Support Alexa

A few weeks after Google Assistant went live for all Android users (running Android 6.0 and above with not less that 720P resolution), people...

How To Make Use of Google Assistant Like a Boss

So Google Assistant has started rolling out to more and more people, that meet the requirements. I got mine just the other day and...

Google Assistant Confirmed to be Coming to a Lot More Android Phones

About two weeks ago, we informed you that Google Assistant had been spotted on an alpha build of the Google App. As skeptical as...

Google Assistant May be Coming to Non-Pixel Devices

Some people have, who are using the latest alpha of the Google app, are reporting that it enables Google Assistant on non-Pixel phones. Android Police...

LG G6 Might Be First Smartphone Not From Google with Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the smart Artificial Intelligent-powered virtual assistant found in Google's Pixel smartphones, Google Home and the Allo messaging application. Despite Google building...

Samsung to Seek Comeback from Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco with AI Digital Assistant in Galaxy S8 Smartphone

With a good number of customers who bought its discontinued Galaxy Note 7 already having returned the device, Samsung is looking ahead as it...

Google Allo: Disappointment Galore

Thanks to the excitement I had after having a great experience with Duo, Google’s video chat app that debuted not long ago, I was...

Everything Google Announced at its ‘Made by Google’ Event

A look at all the stuff Google announced at its October 4th event.

Google Appears to be Replacing Google Now with the New Google Assistant

After 4 years, it may be the end of the road for Google Now as we know it.

Google I/O 2016: All the Exciting Stuff Announced at the Keynote

So Google I/O 2016 happened last evening (East African time) and as expected, there was the usual basket full of goodies from El-Goog. In...

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