Google Assistant for iOS Could Be Announced During Google I/O 2017

Google Assistant

Google I/O is about to kick off and there are reports that Google could announce Assistant for iOS as a standalone app.

The reports coming from Android Police claim that the app could feature a mix of chat capabilities and voice commands just as it is on Google Allo app. This means that users will be able to chat with Google Assistant via text or simply interact with the using their voice. However, don’t hold your breath on “Ok Google” hotword detection since I doubt this will be supported by iOS natively.

If announced during I/O 2017, Google Assistant for iOS will only be available in the US initially but a Global rollout will follow shortly. Android Police clarifies that they have no timelines for this announcement, but express their confidence that “Assistant on iOS is imminent”.

Google released Google Assistant’s SDK towards the end of April to encourage developers to integrate Google Assistant with their apps, an extension to iOS could serve as more incentive to developers to integrate. This integration will see users benefit from more functionalities on Google Assistant such as reading your messages from third-party services, replying to them and even posting photos on social media.

Google’s expansion to iOS serves to benefit the company, so I also think that this is happening. Plus imagine how good Google Assistant will get if it’s collecting usage data from both Android and iOS.