Researchers Found Out That Women Use The Poop Emoji More Than Men On Twitter

Emoji use by men and women on Twitter bears surprises and expected outcomes


You can technically communicate entirely in emojis right now, sure there are some that are yet to be added to everybody, but the important ones are already there. The use of this mode of communication is catnip for researchers as they try to find out the strange ways in which people use them.

Now Brandwatch decided to undertake a study on how men and women use emojis in their tweets and the published findings are quite interesting.

Starting with emojis that show emotion, they found out that men are less inclined to use emojis with tears than women where women are responsible for 61.7% of the total.

Women might use emojis that have tears more than men, but when it comes to sci-fi/horror emojis, the use is way more balanced. Women still use more of the above emojis than men (skull, ghost, alien, ogre and annoyed alien) while men get the points on the robot emoji and slightly on the goblin mask emoji.

When it comes to the ‘naughty’ emojis, one was not a surprise and one was a total surprise. Men used the eggplant emoji more than men but what is surprising is that women used the poop emoji more than men.

As a bonus, they found out that the face with tears of joy emoji 😂is still the most used emoji on Twitter which is backed by Emojitracker who list the usage of emojis on Twitter in real time. They also decided to track people who use the frog face emoji on their Twitter bios and found out that a majority of Trump supporters used it, which is uncanny!



  1. Basically, men use fewer emojis, poop and all.

    In fact, I find it odd when I’m chatting with a male pal on WhatsApp/Telegram and they use emojis. It makes me wonder if the conversation is serious or not, since emojis tend to add a playful character to the text sent.

    If I had a say in what emojis my phone would get, they would only be finger-based. Thumbs up/down, upward/downward pointing finger, middle finger, left/right pointing finger. And the punching fist. Anything else is seemingly just ornamental

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