This Chrome Extension Transforms Trump’s Tweets To Look Like They Were Written By An 8 Year Old

"Make Trump tweets 8 again!"

make trump 8 years old again

Trump being President and his antics in real life and on social media (especially his Twitter account) have given people so many ideas to troll him.

Well a TV show decided to troll the new President in one medium he likes to voice his opinion to: Twitter

The Daily Show is a satirical late night TV show hosted by Trevor Noah which focuses on making fun of what is happening in the news especially in the United States. Since Trump is the President and has made various utterances online and in real life, the show producers cannot simply ignore him and they feature him a lot in the show.

This time round, they took it a notch higher by coming up with a Chrome extension that turns Trump’s tweets to look like they were written by an eight year old. “We made a browser extension that converts Trump tweets back into their rightful state: A child’s scribble,” they described the extension on the website.

When you install the Chrome extension which has been dubbed Make Trump Tweets Eight Again and refresh Trump’s timeline, the tweets are made to appear like they were written by a kid and it is hilarious! The font style exhibits that characteristic cursive manner written by kids which include non-uniform letters, inconsistent letter thickness and general untidiness which amplify the effect. You will also notice that the tweets also appear to be given different colours (kids play with colour pencils a lot) and reading them in this manner makes Trump tweets seem even funnier!

There have been several instances people have come up with apps or extensions about trump like what Washington Post made to fact check his tweets or this tool to create fake Trump tweets and also an app that you can make him show an executive order in GIF form.

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