Facebook Will Now Allow You To Have Professional Live Broadcasts From Your Computer

This is great!


Facebook has been developing its Live Video platform rapidly where the majority of the work was to improve the experience on mobile. Currently, you can start a Live broadcast from your phone easily through a dedicated button on the app but that was not possible on desktop until today.

According to Facebook, starting today, you will be able to start a live broadcast from your laptop or desktop. Most laptops have webcams and microphones while on desktop setups, people buy webcams and microphones which they use to Skype to friends as an example.

With this update, now people will use these setups to have Facebook Live broadcasts from their laptops or desktops. Unlike in the mobile setup where a live video broadcast can be highly mobile, a desktop setup is usually more ‘stable’ and is perfect for broadcasts like live Q&As or tutorials.

To start a live broadcast from your computer, click ‘Live Video’ from the compose text box at the top of your News Feed and follow the prompts like adding a description or choosing the audience.

That’s not all. Facebook has also added the ability to have more professional Live broadcasts from your phone. Facebook will allow you to use streaming software or external hardware so that you are able to share screens, insert graphics and use professional equipment in these broadcasts. You will also have the option to broadcast to Groups you belong to, Pages you manage or Events you’re part off.

This can be great for online gamers who would want to engage with fans to show them how to play certain games. Facebook is going for Twitch and YouTube Gaming’s niche with this move. If you want to go live with streaming software and external hardware, check out this guide here.

This update comes after a time when Twitter was reported to be allowing companies to make professional live broadcasts that would apparently bypass Periscope. The livestreaming market is still hot and users are the biggest beneficiaries with the current advancements.