Twitter Will Let Organizations Shoot Live Video Using Professional Gear From Today – Report

They will apparently bypass Periscope [insert shocked face here]

Twitter will let anyone shoot professional live video
Jack Dorsey, Twitter's co-founder and CEO

Twitter was meant to be a platform where we get to see events unfold as they happen and the company has noticed that is usually one of its biggest assets. That’s why they bought the livestreaming platform, Periscope and went ahead to integrate it into Twitter.

However, live video on Twitter is generally an amateurish affair for the general user base where people whip out their phones and start a live broadcast. The only live video that we see that looks professional on Twitter is when they have partnerships with sporting events or networking companies (Wimbledon or Trump’s inauguration).

It seems now Twitter wants to go a step further as Business Insider reported that the company is about to make it easier for companies  to stream professional live video which is actually quite awesome. It is not unusual to see companies owning dedicated video cameras that can shoot higher quality video than phones do, so giving them this chance to shoot higher quality live video is more than welcome.

In this move, media organizations or advertisers will be able to stream directly on Twitter using professional gear. They won’t be required to use Periscope since apparently it is not directly integrated with Twitter and this new system will bypass all that and stream directly from their accounts.

This is kinda awesome since users will be treated to higher quality live video but it also spells doom for Twitter’s own Periscope Producer which has a similar goal. Twitter is now competing favourably with Facebook Live which allows content creators to shoot from professional gear.


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