My Safaricom App For Android Gets Revamp, Adds MPESA Services

I've been waiting for this


Safaricom’s MySafaricom app was released last year which allowed its customers to access several self-care services right within the app. We even penned down a review about the app. You could see your data balance, airtime balance, minutes balance, redeem bonga points, buy data and SMS plans and query for your MPESA statement.

There was still one glaring omission from the app’s experience and that is the inclusion of MPESA services. Most Safaricom subscribers have an MPESA account and they access its services via the traditional toolkit menu. Now that has changed since now Safaricom has updated the MySafaricom app to include MPESA services which is awesome!

In this version (ver. for Android, you will notice right away that they do not require a PIN to log in and when the app finally finishes loading, you are greeted to a new interface.

There are several options on your MySafaricom but the interesting addition is the MPESA option. On tapping the new menu, you can perform various functions within the menu that you would normally do on the MPESA menu in your SIM toolkit.

I tried buying airtime which is way easy now and I noticed that the system is still tied to the USSD system since you have to input your PIN to finish the transaction. I also tried paying something via Paybill on Lipa na MPESA and it functioned without any issues.

The other options that you can try out are Send Money and Withdraw Cash which I am yet to use on the app. However you cannot use Loans and Savings  and My account options since you get a popup that says: “Work in progress. Coming soon!” We will have to wait and see when Safaricom will roll out that feature on the app.

The previous features that you could do before have been bundled in the other “My account” menu at the homepage so don’t be alarmed.

It is commendable that Safaricom has updated MySafaricom app to include MPESA services and now we wait for them to add the features that are still work in progress.


  1. Top feature: When sending money on the MPESA menu, the app needs to access contacts. You can then search through your address book and pick the target recipient. I’m so in love with this as it renders the issue of copying and pasting numbers useless.

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