RIP Snapchat, Facebook Stories Is Here And It Includes Camera Effects

The onslaught is complete

facebook stories official

It is not news that Facebook has been adding Snapchat-like features to its apps, but we have always wondered when they would add them to its main app.

Facebook Stories

Well, after months of testing, they have finally done it today. Facebook has launched Facebook Stories which will allow you to share multiple photos and videos on your News Feed, just like how they have implemented it on Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

To add photos and videos to your Story, tap on the “Your Story icon at the top of your feed where we have the Stories bar that looks similar to what we have seen on Instagram. These Stories are ephemeral of course and will be available for only 24 hours and they won’t appear on your News Feed or timeline unless you post them there.

You can also share these Stories with your friends where now Facebook has added Direct which is Instagram’s version of the Inbox. According to Facebook, these won’t last long since your friends will be able to view it once and replay it. Once the conversation is over, they won’t be available on Direct.

New Camera

Facebook also took the time to introduce a new camera that will allow you to take Snapchat like photos with masks on them. According to the company, Facebook camera is ‘packed’ with dozens of effects like filters, masks and frames that you would use on your photos and videos.

They went ahead to partner with movie studios to provide masks that are based on upcoming movies like Despicable Me 3, Guardians of the Galaxy, Lost Village, Wonder Woman, Smurfs and Wonder Woman. 

facebook camera effects

They also added guest art from visual artists so that the creative effects you see on the camera are fresh and fun for the users.

Facebook also plans to have a tool that will enable people to create their own frames and effects that will be used in the Facebook camera.

Facebook has sort of completed its onslaught of Snapchat where now they have finally added their own version of Snapchat Stories and Lenses that people loved from Snapchat.


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