Things to love about the LG Door-in-Door Refrigerators


LG Door-in-Door 9We are not into fridges, not sure if there’s anyone who walks around mentioning the kind of specs they would like on their refrigerators, however, this does not mean that fridges are boring. Ok, they are, but not LG Door-In-Door range of refrigerators.

At first, the concept of having a fridge with a door within the main door sounds a lot like a gimmick but LG has proven that it is useful and beneficial.

According to LG, we open the refrigerator door up to 79 times a day, most of these times it’s usually to get small items from the fridge. Each time the fridge door is open, cold air flows out, which leads to the use of more energy to keep the fridge cool.

For this reason, LG developed the Door-in-Door technology that reduces cold air loss by up to 41% and helps you organize your fridge better to save you some time, so that you do not miss those “special moments”.

The Build Quality

When we took our time to go and check out the Door-in-Door fridges from LG, we were impressed by how well they are built. LG’s Door-in-Door side-by-side refrigerator has an attractive minimalistic design. The stainless steel finish that spreads across the front panel of the refrigerator gives it an elegant look that would compliment a modern kitchen really well.

LG Door-in-Door

Inside, there’s use of plastic and glass, but that’s not to say that it is a bad thing. The white and shiny plastic interior compliments the somewhat dark exterior. Moreover, the interior is well illuminated with bright LEDs. The shelves are made of durable glass that can hold up to 150kgs while the plastic is used for padding the interior to serve as a buffer to keep more cold air inside the fridge.

LG Door-in-Door 5

The doors are heavy enough to give you the confidence you need when opening them up but not too heavy to be a task when opening them. There’s also a through-the-door ice and water dispenser on left door, to give you quick access to ice and cold water.

LG Door-in-Door 3

The right side of the door, holds the selling point of this fridge, the Door-in-Door storage compartment. Opening that specific compartment is as simple as pushing up a button and the door slides open.

LG Door-in-Door Opening Buttn

The Space

The main purpose of the Door-in-Door storage, aside from the energy savings benefits that come along with it, is the ease of storage and proper use of space. With an extra compartment, you can easily organize your fridge to avoid spending precious time with your head inside the cooler trying to find that bottle of soda.

The LG Door-in-Door has a lot of space. The entire left side, houses the freezer, this is where you will keep everything that needs to be frozen. The freezer runs the height of the fridge, meaning there’s plenty of room to store all types of meat.

LG Door-in-Door 6

The left side, the side that has the Door-in-Door storage, houses the main storage space. There are enough compartments and shelves to ensure that you have room for anything that you would image would go into a fridge.

Now back to the Door-in-Door storage, aptly dubbed the “Family space”, it is designed to give you quick access to the small items that you keep on the fridge. Things like cheese, tomato paste and space to store drinks for quick access.

LG Door-in-Door 10


We didn’t spend that much time with the fridge, so we can’t tell you how well it preserves food after electricity goes out, this is Kenya you know. However, we can tell you the technology inside the fridge.

LG Door-in-Door features

The LG Door-in-Door refrigerator comes with an inverter linear compressor. To explain the implications of this technology, it is important to know that conventional refrigerators come with a compressor that rotates in a circular motion. This means that the conventional compressors have four friction points, thus requiring more energy to work. A linear compressor on the other hand, has only one friction point and even if you’re not good in math, it is clear that 1 will need less energy than 4.

All this in turn saves you up to 36 percent energy, produces less noise and increases ensures that your food stays fresher for longer within the fridge. Just to mention, the inverter linear compressor comes with a 10 year warranty.


LG Door-in-Door refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes, ok not literally but you get the point. There’s a range of refrigerators to choose from, to ensure that you find what you’re looking for.

LG Door-in-Door Model 3

There’s the side-by-side model, the multi-door model, the french door model and the top freezer model.

Pricing and availability

The LG Door-in-Door refrigerators start as from Ksh. 112,000 and the price will vary depending on capacity, size and model. As for availability, the refrigerators, you can find them at any LG brand stores, such as the recently opened ones at Sarit Centre and Kenrail towers in Westlands.


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