Some of the Most Bizarre Google Products Ever Announced that You’d Probably Want to Use

google hq

google hqGoogle is one company that never fails to impress when it comes to crazy products. Today, we look at some of the best fake products that the company has announced and maybe get a laugh while at it.

This is what happens when a company has lots of money, time and some of the mos brilliant minds in the world:

Gmail Blue

Starting us off, is Gmail Blue. Gmail Blue sounds like it works the same way YouTube Red does, by offering a more premium experience. I am sorry to disappoint you.

Gmail Blue was literally Gmail in Blue. While introducing the product, the product manager says that Gmail Blue was the original conception for Gmail but the technology to make it possible was not there.

The product manager goes ahead to explain that Gmail Blue is Gmail, only “Bluer”

Gmail Tap

This was an interesting one. How many of you actually know morse code? Well, Gmail Tap was going to redesign the keyboard within the app, so that one could use morse code to type.

The team behind Google Tap says that the keyboard is overwhelming. The team thinks that the keyboard has too many buttons and they therefore resulted to improving the typing experience. Thus, Google Tap. A dot and a dash.

Google Nose

If you haven’t gotten it from the title, Google Nose was a product designed to allow users to search for smells on Google. Users would also be able to smell whatever they search on Google by simply clicking the “smell” button.

The service would even let users share scents with their friends. Sounds like a product you’d really want right?

I do realize that it’s 20 April, which is 19 days past April Fools’ but this is a throwback. Throwbacks have no dates.

Ok, that’s really bad.


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