Here Is A Way To Opt Out Of Safaricom Promotional Texts


It may not have the same prominence it had a while back, but SMS is still relevant today. Unlike the apps we have today on app stores, SMS comes preloaded and it is a more direct way to target customers.

Safaricom, just like any other carrier usually sends promotional messages via SMS to their customers. They range from their latest offers, informing people of their data bundle offerings or any other pieces of information they deem necessary to broadcast to their customers. These messages are usually sent from an official channel and if you are a Safaricom customer, you would know that they are stored under the ‘SAFARICOM’ thread in your messages.

However, some of these messages can be repetitive or for some people, the information provided is not new. For a while now, we’ve gotten used to them by either reading them or totally ignoring them. But, if you are the type who cannot stand these promotional messages from Safaricom, there is a way to disable them.

  • Dial *100#
  • Choose the 3rd option “Products and Services”
  • Type ’98” to the next page and validate
  • Choose the 10th option: “Stop Safaricom Promotion SMS” and validate
  • Choose 1 for the No option when you get the prompt

When you complete the setup process, it will notify you that you will no longer receive SMS notifications about offers from Safaricom.

These are the features that are usually buried under settings and most people would never know that they are featured within the Self care menu on *100#.


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