Facebook Launches Instant Games On Messenger

facebook messenger instant games

Facebook Messenger is more than a chatting app. The company has inundated it with so many features, it has become basically its own platform. It has a Messenger platform where you can have bots, play games but still be able to communicate with friends via text or via Messenger Day.

Games are one of the strategies employed by these networks in driving up engagement numbers and Facebook is aware of that. In their mostly annual F8 conference that they had this year, Facebook announced that Messenger will have Rich Gameplay which will make gaming even more fun on the platform.

“We’re starting to roll out Instant Games on Messenger more broadly for the 1.2 billion people who use Messenger every month,” the company said on the post. This rollout also includes the rich gameplay features they featured in their F8 conference.

To start this off, one of the games that will take advantage of Messenger’s new rich gameplay features is Zynga’s Words With Friends (which I love) and will be available in Messenger.

Other games like Blackstorm’s EverWing will be among the first to use Game bots. Messenger will also bring Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool where you will be able to play pool within Messenger.


Messenger is now up to speed with Telegram Messenger which introduced a gaming platform a while ago which now has a decent library.

Facebook says that there are up to 50 game titles that are available on Messenger and more being introduced almost every week. Instant Games on Messenger will roll out over the next few weeks worldwide on both iOS and Android so check up on it when you get the update.


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