Telegram Messenger Beefs Up Its Bot Platform By Offering In-Chat Games


Telegram MessengerTelegram Messenger, just like any other instant messenger platform has moved from the traditional system of providing people with a way of sending messages in form of texts or video. They have become complex platforms in their own right which include other features that are geared to make the active user base to be more engaged.

Telegram has a sticker platform, a bot platform and now today they have announced a gaming platform. Now Telegram will allow its users to play HTML5 games within groups or on one-on-one chats.

Via Telegram

“You can now use bots to play games in your chats, complete with graphics and sound,” Telegram says in their blogpost. You can check the roster of games by clicking on the link to this Telegram blot @gamee.

There are two ways of starting a game on Telegram. First, you can interact with the gamee bot directly and follow the prompts or you can invoke it by typing its handle (@gamee) either in a group or one-on-one with a friend.

That is not all, Telegram will save the high scores of the game syou have played in your chats and you can check the high scores of your friends too and you will be notified if someone tops the list. Telegram has also made it easy to share these games all over the platform so that if you spot an interesting game, you can just share it to your chats and play with your friends.

Telegram says that there are about 30 games that can be played right away. The company says that these games could range from simple arcade games or puzzles to more complex games like 3D shooters or real time strategy games. In order to play these games, you will need an Android phone that has Android 4.4 or higher, iPhone 4 and newer and you must have Telegram v. 3.13 or higher.

If you are a developer, you can check more details about taking advantage of Telegram’s Gaming Platform by clicking here.



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